Can you find three wording errors in these headlines from today’s Yahoo! News?

3 Reasons Why Candice Glover Will Win ‘Idol’…and 3 Reasons Why Kree Could Win

My Student Loan Story: I Feel Like I Am Sinking


3 Responses to “Tripleheader”

  1. Marie Says:

    I’ll take door number three: Identifies/Identify
    Police Identify Suspect In New Orleans Shooting.
    Police a collective noun – it’s just like the wording is Policemen, as in: Policemen identify. If it had been one officer the word identifies could be used: Policeman identifies.

  2. joyeckel Says:

    And we have a winner! Any players for one and two?

  3. joyeckel Says:

    And Maria got number two: “as if” instead of “like.”
    Number one uses the redundant “why.” It should be “3 Reasons Candice …”

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