Services Offered

I offer all levels of editing, as well as pre-publication services, though the vast majority of my clients request copyediting, the final, most detailed stage of the editing process and my favorite. For business clients, I’ve edited everything from menus, newsletters, press releases, business letters and ads to entire magazines and websites. For independent writers, I’ve worked with everything from query letters, author bios and book proposals to short stories, memoirs, novels and, most recently, the popular “Confessions of a Gay Married Priest” by local writer Maurice L. Monette.

Ideally, the editing process begins with a manuscript evaluation and/or substantive editing, a collaborative process between the writer and editor, revising for purpose, audience, organization, clarity and accuracy. For fiction, the focus is on plot, character, dialogue, setting, pacing and writing style. For nonfiction, length, continuity, style issues, logic and readability receive the most attention.

Once all the substantive issues have been resolved and the project is almost ready for printing or submission, it’s time for copyediting. The editor requires little more than occasional clarification from the writer at this stage, checking spelling, hyphenation, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, font style, grammar, sentence structure, verb tense, consistency, word usage and clarity. Then again, some clients need just a quick check for typos in text that is otherwise error-free.

My pre-publication services include layout, proofreading and e-book conversion. Layout involves line and paragraph formatting; page, chapter and front matter layout; and gutter, page number and header formatting, according to industry standards or specific requirements. Proofreading entails checking the typeset copy from the publisher to correct any last errors. E-book conversion applies to works previously published in print, as well as new manuscripts.

All the writer need do is email their Word document to, and I’ll return a sample edited at the level I recommend, along with the flat fee for that level. Although I provide my opinion, the client always decides on the level of edit, as well as choosing between the flat fee and an hourly rate.



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